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costume time.
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25 or so questions with Octobers MOM

Octobers MOM 25 questions.
Thanks for the service and the chance to get to know you better.

1) Where are you from, how long have you lived there?
Got out of the USMC in 79 and moved to Margate Florida where I still reside

2) How long have you been interested in suzuki's and off roading?
Bought my 1st Samurai new in 1987 black TT. Got back into them about 5 years ago when reading about the GSXR intakes. Decided I wanted to machine up an intake. Now I needed to get me a Zuk. Started off roading in 80, if dirt bikes count 68

3) What was your first exposure to off roading?
Sand and mud pits in Florida.

4) What was your first rig?
1980 Toyota 4x4 PU new lifted on 36í Fat Herbys and 14Ē Bart wheels. Someone liked it more then me and it was stolen about a year later. Bought another 1981 Toyota PU new and did the lift and tires and I was back at it.

5) How long have you had your current rig, and what work have you done to it?
The DD TT Iíve had 4 Ĺ years. The Zuk on 38ís about 3 years and still in the process of completing the build.

Build Link

6) What was your least favorite upgrade? Did you take it off or are you still running it.
Cali Mini Shackle Reverse on the DD.

7) Who or what has been your biggest influence? (in any aspect)
Samurai Guy and Gecko that got me interested in the Samuraiís again with his GSXR intake. Thanks to jtaj77ís Rig for the inspiration of my too tall Florida Rig.

8) When wheeling are you more likely to camp or stay at a motel?
Sorry, do not wheel any more do to health issues mostly balance problems. Getting jarred from side to side doesnít help matters. Just a trip on an escalator is a big deal for me. Most of the wheeling places down hear where Iím at have gone to housing developments and major Highways. Still not sure I would want to camp out in the swap though.

9) Do you drive your rig to the trail or trailer?
Always drove it there and was lucky enough to always make it back.

10) What kind of tow rig do you own, or wish you had?
Never had one but always wanted a Dually

11) Do you like music on the trail or is the sweet sound of horse power enough for you?
When I did wheel I had the music off. Liked to hear if everything was going smoothly.

12) You are given a trip anywhere in the world for you (your family) and your rig to go. Where would it be to, and what would you do there?
Had a chance to go to Australia in 77 in the USMC and turned it down. Being a civilian I think it would be a great place to visit.

13) Where is your favorite place to wheel and what is it like?
I use to just get on !95 and cruse till I saw a spot that had a trail and take an adventure. Not as boring as it sounds, you can get into some sticky situations.

14) Does your family enjoy the sport or tolerate your addiction?
I just seem to build them now. Fortunately they are glad that Iím still able to do that.

15) What has been your favorite upgrade to your rig?
Always have enjoyed the big lifts and larger tires. As far as practical use upgrade the Toy carb on the DD.

16) What advice would you give someone new to the sport?
Save your money up before starting a build. Try and get a realistic budget then add 20 percent to it and you might be close.

17) In your opinion does a title make the rig, or does it have to still be nearly stock to be a Suzuki?
I believe it should be left up to the Zuk owner what makes him
or her happy. After all it is their time and money involved.

18) Us zukikrawlers are the "best" people, that being said what kind of rigs do you normally wheel with?

19) What is your best memory of being part of the Zukikralwers family?
It was nice just to be treated with some respect. Building a Rig like mine there is a lot of resentment on some of the other sites. Have rarely had any experiences here.

20) No rig is perfect, so what has been your biggest stuck to date, or trail breakage, and were you able to fix it on the trail?
This was back when I use to wheel the Toy PU. The things that I use to like to do were to climb the tall sugar sand hills. This can get troublesome when the Rig decided to get sideways on a steep hill. Had to bail out the passenger side door and hold the Rig from tipping over. Eventually was able to use the steering wheel going from side to side to walk it down the 40 ft sand hill.

The deep lakes are a trip also when the water starts getting up and over the hood.

21) The sh*t hits the fan on a global scale. are you more likely to stick around and defend your "space" or head for the hills and live off the land?
Guess my Rambo day are behind me now.. Probably just head for the hills.

22) Name anyone past or present you would like to wheel with.
Probably Jetrobodean. He seems to throw all care to the wind.

23) Bacon is natures most perfect food. (no question here just a statement I feel should be made more often)
I agree and eat it with mostly breakfast foods morning, noon or night.

24) Which is easier to deal with, A. your rig is broke and you dont have the parts to fix it; B. your rig is fine but you dont have the time to use it?
That is a though one, kinda like asking if you had an option on which foot to shoot. Regretably ďBĒ

25) You are handed the "keys" to zukikrawlers what is the first thing you would do?
Zukikrawlers seems to do just fine without my meadling with the keys.

Thanks Again Terry
retired member of the bigflex padders union Local 10001

50 pounds of parts crammed on a 10 pound rig

wish me luck

co-owner mega camper


WTSS forever
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