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mrnick1979 05-16-2014 09:25 AM

to yota or not to yota trannny and axles
Hey guys i have a few questions and need some opinions. I just bought a 85 sj410. I read that the axles are pretty week and narrow and the engine is to small and the tranny is already broke. So i have a good body and frame to start my project with.Well my plans are to install differnet axles, either zuki or yota, and i already have a 1.6 turbo diesel in the shop, so will the 5 speed sammy tranny hold up well or should i get a toyota 5 speed and transfer case. I want to run 33 tires, and it will be used on mostly hwy and some trails. I think the 410 gears in the yota axles will be fine and hopefully keep the rpms down on the diesel. what do you guys think.... I plan on doing a big build section when i get all my part together i just need to figure which route i want to go.........:happy

mrnick1979 05-19-2014 06:12 AM

well after doing a lot of reading, i think im gonna use stock sammy axles and a 5 speed tranny from a suzuki sammy 86-88. the gearing is taller than toyota, so that will keep the rpms down on the diesel on the hwy. if i run a 31 tire that should be a good balnce of power and torque.

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